Cleanings & Prevention
Infant Visit

  • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the first dental visit no later than the baby’s first birthday.  This first visit will be an easy and comfortable visit.  It is important to allow your child to begin building trust with the dentist, to make him more at ease for future dental visits.
  • At this visit, Dr. DeFeo can show you how to clean your child’s teeth at home.  She will also discuss fluoride needs, your child’s diet, trauma prevention, and habits like pacifier use or thumb-sucking.  Dr. DeFeo may also recommend special oral care products for you to use at home.
  • She will gently and quickly examine your child’s teeth and gums, to check for decay and other problems.  If necessary, your child’s teeth can be cleaned.
  • For a positive first experience with the dentist, schedule the visit in the morning when children tend to be more rested and more cooperative.  Be upbeat when talking about the dentist!  Keep any anxiety you have towards dental treatment to yourself.  Never bribe your child to go the dentist.  And, don’t use the visit as a punishment or a threat.

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