Suggested Dental Products


What can I use if my braces are poking me?

Gishy Goo (soft, squishy material you can put on your braces to keep them from poking the insides of your mouth... Kind of like wax, but way better.)

What is the best way to floss with braces on?

Platypus Orthodontic Flossers (the fastest way to floss with braces!)

Oral-B Super Floss (an orthodontic floss with a dental floss threader, is specially designed for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth.)

What can make my braces more comfortable?

Lip Protector for Braces (covers the front of orthodontic brackets, makes braces less painful, and protects gums and lips from mouth sores to keep you comfortable.)

What is the best mouth rinse to use while I have braces on?

Colgate® Phos-Flur® Rinse  (helps to prevent cavities and white spots that can permanently scar teeth.)

Colgate® Peroxyl® Mouth Sore Rinse  (cleanse and soothe canker sores and mouth irritations.)

What is the best toothbrush to use while I'm undergoing orthodontic treatment?

Philips Sonicare (the #1 recommended sonic toothbrush brand by dental professionals worldwide and has patented sonic technology.)

How can I get my child to stop sucking their thumb?

Mavala Stop (for nail biting and thumb sucking habit.)

What is the best way to clean my retainers?

Retainer Brite  (keeps dental appliances sparkling clean!)

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