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Why Are Dental Checkups Important For Kids?

added on: January 12, 2023

It’s normal for parents to worry about the health of their children, and one way to help ease that concern is to get regular checkups with their doctor. But did you know that it’s also important for kids to get regular dental checkups from their pediatric dentist in Medford

  • The Importance of Baby Teeth

Even though baby teeth are only temporary, they do serve many important roles during a child’s early developmental years. Baby teeth hold space for their permanent teeth to erupt when they’re ready to and also help kids chew properly so they can enjoy well-balanced and nutritious meals. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says that baby teeth are a necessary part of speech development. Seeing your pediatric dentist in Medford at least twice a year will help keep these precious teeth healthy so they can stay put until they’re ready to fall out naturally.

  • Check for Decay

Cavities in kids aren’t uncommon, but they do need to be treated in order to prevent additional problems from popping up. During dental checkups, your kid’s dentist will look for any signs of decay and treat any concerning areas before the decay has a chance to cause more issues. 

  • Apply Protective Sealants

Your pediatric dentist in Medford may recommend that your child gets dental sealants. These thin protective coatings are quickly and painlessly applied to teeth with a tiny brush and create a layer of defense against bacteria. Dental sealants are typically applied to the back molars where there are many grooves and pits that are hard to clean. Because of this, kids between the ages of six and fourteen may be the most likely to get sealants. 

  • Develop Good Habits

Just like adults, children need to brush and floss their teeth every day to remove plaque and bacteria. But not all kids will develop these habits properly or stick with them. During preventive dental checkups, your dental team can help show your little one how to properly brush and floss their teeth and may even have some tips to make it more fun so kids are more likely to follow through with the recommendations. 

  • Treat Bad Breath

We have all had a bout with bad breath occasionally, especially after we eat or drink. But if your little one has bad breath that doesn’t go away it could be a sign of halitosis. Halitosis occurs when teeth aren’t properly cleaned, but bad breath may also be a sign of gum disease or medical conditions such as GERD or diabetes. This is why it’s important to mention any symptoms of bad breath to your pediatric dentist at regular checkups. 

The AAPD recommends that all kids experience their first dental visit when they can see their baby tooth first or no later than their first birthday, and then every six months after that. If it’s time for your child to see a dentist, we welcome you to call to schedule an appointment with us today.