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Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Kids? 

added on: July 7, 2022

Your pediatric dentist in Medford uses dental x-rays to help see things going on inside the mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Dental x-rays can allow your kid’s dentist to catch cavities early when they’re still really easy to treat. Additionally, the images from x-rays will show your dental team how your little one’s permanent teeth are developing. But as any parent, we understand that you may have some concerns about the safety of dental x-rays. We’re here to ease your worries. 

Safety First! 

Dental x-rays are incredibly safe for both kids and adults. Thanks to advancements in technology, many pediatric dentists now offer digital x-rays instead of traditional film x-rays. These digital x-rays not only reduce the amount of radiation exposure by 90%, but they also allow for faster appointments, clearer pictures, and more accurate diagnoses. 

How Often Should My Child Get Dental X-Rays?

We know that we say this a lot but every kid is different, so how often your child gets dental x-rays will depend on her specific oral health history, current oral health, and individual needs. Please know that your pediatric dentist in Medford will only take x-rays when necessary in order to help diagnose and monitor health. Now, your child may get dental x-rays more often than you do simply because her body is changing quickly, she has a lot of growing to do, and decay is more common in kids. Don’t be alarmed if your kid’s dentist recommends x-rays every six months. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends this schedule for any child with a high likelihood of decay.

Why Are X-Rays Still Necessary If My Child Never Had a Cavity? 

X-rays are great at showing areas of decay early when cavities are super small and hard to detect without x-ray images. However, x-rays can show your pediatric dentist in Medford a lot more than just cavities. X-rays can clearly identify any potential concerns with the eruption of adult teeth, see the health of the jaw bone, and aid in planning for orthodontics. 

Types of Dental X-Rays

Your pediatric dentist may take a variety of different types of dental x-rays at your child’s appointments as each one allows them to see different things. 

  • Bitewing – Bitewing x-rays take photos of small sections of the mouth and are able to capture photos of multiple teeth in one take. These x-rays can help find decay and cavities. 
  • Panoramic – Panoramic x-rays show the entire mouth, including all teeth and the jawbone. The images from panoramic x-rays will show your pediatric dentist how adult teeth are preparing to erupt. 
  • Occlusal – Occlusal x-rays show the arch of teeth and will help evaluate your child’s bite including an underbite or overbite. 

Dental x-rays are an invaluable tool to help monitor your child’s oral health over time and are key to catching potential problems early. After all, prevention and early intervention are key to protecting tiny teeth so your little one’s smile can develop into a healthy, vibrant grin. 

Of course, if you have additional questions about the safety of dental x-rays, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatric dentist in Medford