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Invisalign in Medford

Medford’s Solution for Crooked Teeth

Go Straight to Your Best Smile

Invisalign is a solution for almost any Medford orthodontic obstacle:

  • Are you struggling with confidence or function because your teeth are crooked, crowded, or misaligned?
  • Are you a working professional or someone who needs to look their best at all times?
  • Do you have a teenager who cringes at the thought of braces?
  • Have you considered braces but decided against them because you can’t stand the thought of metal wires and brackets?
  • Are you worried about comfort, eating, and speaking during orthodontic treatment?
  • Do you play an instrument, engage in public speaking, or have your photograph taken frequently?
  • Would you like to see results as quickly as possible?

The Invisalign clear braces might be just the solution you have been looking for!

Medford Invisalign for Fast, Affordable Freedom

For Over 20 Years

Though Invisalign treatments in Medford work in a mechanically similar way to traditional braces, that’s where the similarities stop. While all braces have the same purpose of straightening, aligning, and balancing smiles, Invisalign clear braces in Medford have some unique benefits. Check it out!

  • Invisalign is just what the name suggests – virtually invisible! So you can smile with confidence.
  • Invisalign braces are made of SmartTrack material and engineered for precision fit. This makes Invisalign braces easier to take on and off, more comfortable, and get the desired results
  • Your Medford Invisalign braces are removable. You can eat whatever you want, enjoy special occasions without “braces”, play any musical instrument or sport without interference, and keep up with normal dental hygiene.

We could say that Invisalign is dental innovation at its best – but it is tried and true with proven effectiveness. Over eight million satisfied, smiling patients have been treated with Invisalign. Now you or your child can be one of them!

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How Invisalign Clear Aligners Work

As mentioned above, Invisalign treatments in Medford work on the same principle as traditional braces. Consistent pressure and balanced force are applied to encourage teeth to shift into their ideal, correct position.

With traditional braces, this force is applied with a combination of metal or ceramic dental bases or brackets that are affixed to each tooth, and a dental wire is inserted through each bracket. This wire stays on your teeth and is gradually tightened to move your smile into place.

Instead of relying on wires and brackets to do the work, Medford Invisalign aligners come in a precision-planned series. You simply wear each aligner in the series until the proper tooth placement is achieved, then move to the next in the series. You might experience a minor feeling of pressure or discomfort with each new aligner, but that’s proof that it is working! The discomfort quickly goes away and you can go right back to living life to the fullest. Some folks even use their Invisalign trays to whiten their teeth!

The Medford Center

Most patients find Invisalign to be the easiest, fastest, most convenient and comfortable way to straighten their teeth available today!