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Special Needs Patients in Medford

Extra Attention for Exceptional People

What is Special Needs Dentistry?

When you have a special someone in your life that needs some added assistance sometimes due to special needs, you understand how important it is that they feel comfortable in their surroundings. We understand that seeing a pediatric dentist in Medford can be daunting, even for the toughest macho man. However, for kids, especially little ones with special needs, it can be a scary place. As a parent and as caregivers, we never want to see anyone feeling scared or uncomfortable. That’s why special needs pediatric dentistry goes one step further. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says this type of care designed for anyone with these types of needs:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Developmental
  • Cognitive
  • Sensory/Mental Impairment

Added Care That’s Always There

Getting the proper dental treatment for children with disabilities isn’t always easy. It always seems like there are hoops you have to jump through or another hurdle you have to face before everything pans out. The truth is it should be easier, not more difficult to get special needs care at your dentist. That’s why Dr. AnnaMarie DeFeo and our team are here for you. We understand the many challenges you face from all aspects of life, and it’s time you had a healthcare partner who gets it. We’ll go out of our way to make sure your child feels safe and relaxed. If they require more extensive dental work or simply aren’t happy in the dental office setting, Dr. DeFeo also carries hospital privileges with Franciscan Children’s Hospital.

The Medford Center

Let’s Do This — Together

Special needs patients need to see the dentist as often as others but finding someone who you like and they love, can be challenging. You need someone with advanced training and an understanding of their needs. Dr. DeFeo is a board-certified pediatric dentist, having earned the distinction as a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This means she has completed two or more years of additional education beyond regular dental school. Here, dentists like Dr. DeFeo are taught valuable techniques on treating patients of all ages. Our team will take every chance to get to know you and your special needs patient. This allows us to communicate deeply, ensuring they never feel threatened, but always safe.