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Mark - Actual Patient


I have known Dr. Eric Gheewalla most of my life. I called upon his expertise for my children over the years but recently found the need for his guidance for myself. I noticed my teeth were becoming more and more crooked the older I got, which made it harder for me to floss and I was often biting my lip. He recommended we do Invisalign. As an adult, I was not interested in traditional, visible braces, so Invisalign invisible aligners were the perfect choice for me. I wear my aligners every day for the recommended time according to the schedule we spoke about in order to reach my goal of a straighter smile. The aligners are easy to take care of and I can live my life normally. I no longer bite my lips and have seen positive changes after only a few short months.

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Alanna & Christopher - Actual Patient

Alanna & Christopher

Having gone through orthodontia myself with Dr. Gheewalla many years ago, I knew what to expect. Since he built so much trust with me back then, I knew we would be back here for my son, Christopher. He recently started orthodontic treatment for traditional braces, initially with a palatal expander to allow space for his adult teeth to come in. At his first appointment, he was a little worried about any pain he might feel but Dr. Gheewalla reassured him he’d feel nothing. We talked about the options available in orthodontia today and decided on a plan to fit our needs and goals. Having to make frequent visits while in treatment, the team at The Medford Center for Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is always welcoming and so kind. They really are like family as you see the same faces at each visit.

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Schneider - Actual Patient


My entire life I knew I wanted to straighten my teeth. As a child, my family was unable to afford it but as an adult, I knew investing in my smile was a good investment. I met with Dr. Eric Gheewalla to come up with a plan that was both affordable for me as well as help me achieve my goal of a straighter smile. I was not a candidate for Invisalign so instead turned to traditional braces. My experience was a good one. I am not one to be careless so I watched what I ate so that my teeth remained healthy and I broke no brackets while in treatment. Now that my braces are off, I wear a retainer at night to maintain alignment which I am very happy to do. By the end of my orthodontia, I had the smile I’ve always wanted and the confidence behind it.

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Leigh, Jonathan, Ava, Emet, Owen, Zoe, & Calynn - Actual Patient

Leigh, Jonathan, Ava, Emet, Owen, Zoe, & Calynn

I am a mom of 5 children who all lead very busy lives and are involved in a lot of sports or extracurricular activities. So for me, finding time for important things like going to the dentist has to be a priority. I appreciate that at The Medford Center for Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, they understand what it takes to juggle schedules and often fit the kids in together. All of the children have gone through the practice on both sides either for the latest in orthodontic treatment or a comprehensive dental care plan for their oral health. Even when we have an emergency, they are always here for us. We’ve been coming here for over 10 years and feel very fortunate to have found such an amazing dental office.

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Christina & Christian - Actual Patient

Christina & Christian

I worked at The Medford Center for Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for many years before I decided to be a stay-at-home mom of three children. I trust everyone here so much that I now bring my kids here. My experience at this office has always been very much like my second family. My littlest guy is so comfortable here he often doesn't want to leave. Dr. DeFao is very experienced in dealing with young children to make them feel comfortable. She explained every step and tool used during the appointment to not make him nervous. Mr. Thirsty and Mr. Tickles were introduced to my son at his first visit so he could become comfortable in the chair before his first tooth erupts. At his first cleaning appointment, I was invited to join them in the back and sit by his side so that he was not afraid. What I noted quickly, was how much they stay up to date on the latest technology and treatment to provide their families a level of safety and comfort at every visit. This is an amazing place with an extremely friendly team! This is definitely the place you want to bring your children to. From one mother to another.