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Traditional Braces in Medford

Traditional (Stainless Steel) Braces

Medford’s Choice for Straighter Smiles

Forget What You Know

Some people hear the words “traditional braces” and immediately equate that with a “metal mouth” look. We’re here to show you that braces in Medford today are a lot different (and better) than traditional stainless steel braces of the past. Technology and times have changed, and so has this widely popular orthodontic solution that works for everyone, from kids and teens to adults and seniors. Traditional braces are more sleeker, smaller, and provide an increased comfort level that you’ll notice and feel every day during your treatment. These types of braces are popular among patients because they are affordable and offer added versatility.

Learn About the Benefits

Braces are the best way to correct dental or orthodontic issues such as:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Misaligned bites
  • Jaw pain or issues
  • Oral hygiene

Most traditional stainless steel braces in Medford are made up of the standard metal brackets that immediately come to mind. Your orthodontist can precisely place the brackets on your teeth using a durable, clear adhesive. The brackets are connected by a wire that forms and molds itself uniquely to your teeth for added comfort. This type of braces does require periodic visits and adjustments with us to ensure that your phased orthodontic treatment is progressing correctly. Sometimes traditional stainless steel braces get a bad wrap, but they actually bring more a few benefits to you and your smile such as:

  • Added Strength – One of the things we know about metal braces is that they are durable and strong compared to plastic or ceramic brackets.
  • Added Variety – Metal braces come in different designs and colors, giving you fun options to try as you move through treatment.
  • Added Speed – Who doesn’t want to see their orthodontic results quickly? Treatment with metal braces generally moves faster than other smile straightening solutions.
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Make the Informed Choice

Deciding what type of braces or orthodontics will work best for you or your child is something we can all work through together. With the right diagnostics, an accurate understanding of your lifestyle, and mapping your orthodontic options, we can determine what solution will best suit you. We want you to be delighted and comfortable with your decision so that your treatment is easy and straightens your smile to total perfection. Everyone deserves a healthy bite and beautiful teeth. We can make it all happen for you and your family with braces in Medford that are tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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