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Comprehensive Exams

Small smiles need regular visits to the dentist because it’s your best option to keep a keen eye on any changes or irregularities as they grow older. One way we’re able to truly see what’s happening inside their mouth is to conduct a comprehensive exam at our Medford pediatric dental office with the smiling team your kids know and love. Typically a comprehensive exam will include:

  • Digital/Panoramic x-rays – We like to detect decay as early as we can and these safe, non-invasive x-rays do the trick. These images also provide our doctors and parents with a clearer idea of tooth and root positioning.
  • Oral cancer and gum disease evaluations – Doctors will look around the face, tongue, neck, and gums for any signs of disease or cause for concern.
  • Examination of tooth decay and restorations – We have the tools and technology to detect decay and monitor any signs of failing fillings or crowns.
The Medford Center
The Medford Center
The Medford Center
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